4 Effective Rules to Accomplish More Each Day

Accomplish More Each DayDo you want to accomplish more each day? Or have you ever noticed some people are able to stay organized while getting a massive quantity of work accomplished, while others appear to be busy but never actually produce results? Time management is the key to becoming a successful individual. We can have all of the best ideas in the world, but if we do not have a system to get our tasks completed, we will fail. Right?

Here are four effective rules to accomplish more each day:


1. Keep a day timer.

If you don’t know where you are supposed to be and when you are supposed to be there, how will you ever get anything accomplished? Keep a day timer so you know where you are supposed to be and when. By having a day timer you can stay organized throughout the day whether this system is in a tangible printed version, or on your mobile device, tablet, or your personal diary assistant. With now-a-days technology, this is really something easy to have.


2. Have a to-do list.

If you can’t remember what you need to do, it becomes hard to accomplish anything. Your to-do list should include items that need to be accomplished for the month, the week and each day. You must then ask yourself how much time you need to block off to achieve each task. Time blocking allows you to minimize distractions and to maximize your efficiency as you work to complete this list. By creating and maintaining one central “to-do list,” you will increase the amount of tasks you will complete throughout the day.


3. Avoid distractions.

With all of the electronic devices at your disposal and being plugged into social media, you are bound to get distracted.  To avoid going down this dilemma, you must set aside a specific time to complete certain tasks.

Do you run through your day answering every email, text message and social-media request immediately and treating all things with the same sense of urgency? If you do, I am sorry to tell you, it’s a disaster! Nothing can kill concentration more than working on an important task and stopping every five minutes to respond to the latest email or text that is sent to you. By time blocking you not only decrease the time it takes to complete each task but your quality of work will increase. Try it, it is true!


4. Don’t let your emotions get in the way.

It’s important not to allow your emotions to get in the way of your motions. To be successful in the workplace, you have to be able to set aside your emotions and to focus on the action steps you need to take. Otherwise, you may get in a cycle of procrastination, because you really don’t feel like tackling a project, task or talking to a person. And this could slow down the momentum of your business. Decide to do the things you need to do even when you don’t want or feel to do them and you will go from barely surviving to thriving in life. Honestly, don’t let your emotions get in your way and slow down your progress.


So are you willing to change and accomplish more each day? Try these four effective rules and notice the results by yourself.


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