Boost Sales

10 Effective Ways to Boost Sales Immediately

Do you want to boost sales immediately? Well, that’s not an easy thing to do but it is doable. In reality, the sales profession is moving faster than ever today. In the blink of an eye, new competitors emerge, products similar to yours are released, and before you know it, it’s a race to the […]

Accomplish More Each Day

4 Effective Rules to Accomplish More Each Day

Do you want to accomplish more each day? Or have you ever noticed some people are able to stay organized while getting a massive quantity of work accomplished, while others appear to be busy but never actually produce results? Time management is the key to becoming a successful individual. We can have all of the […]

Effective Teams

12 Characteristics of Effective Teams

Have you ever asked what the characteristics of effective teams are? Well, this is a common – and legitimate – question by any manager of any type at any level, and for any type of team, being a regular formal work team, self-managed team, project team, and so on. Team effectiveness (also referred to as […]

Sales storytelling

4 Effective Sales Storytelling Techniques That Really Help

Sales Storytelling is the hot new trend in sales nowadays. Stories have a profound effect on our brains and our behavior. This goes back to childhood, when the most basic request we made as kids, besides “I’m hungry,” was “Tell me a story,” right? So here are 4 effective sales storytelling techniques that really help […]


Say No to things, Don’t Just Prioritize

Sometimes we just don’t need to prioritize, we have to say “No” to things. When pressed for time, we’re often advised to “Prioritize!” as if that will solve the problem. Let me first define the word “Prioritize.” Prioritizing is the process of ranking things – the people who want to take up our time, items […]