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The Secret to Closing More Sales: Talk Less

Every time I give a selling skills workshop or presentation many attendees say to me that customers have the impression that salespeople talk too much. Well, they are right. Most salespeople talk way too much. In today’s market, chatty salespeople are bombarding their prospects with a huge amount of information just to close the sales. […]

indecisive customers

5 Ways to Close The Sale With Indecisive Customers

I always meet indecisive customers throughout most of my sales career. In fact, one of the biggest challenges sales organizations face is securing customers who aren’t ready to buy. Maybe they’re considering a competitor’s offer or having internal issues that are delaying their decision-making. Whatever the case for their indecision, your goal is to convince […]

4 Traits of Sales Superheros

Want to become a sales superhero? There are many different styles of selling. All aim to get the job done and the deal closed. But most great salespeople possess some personality traits. Staying in line with the four P’s of marketing (price, product, promotion, and place), I believe that every salesperson in now-a-days highly competitive […]