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graduate students

6 Job Search Tips For New Graduate Students

A lot of graduate students may have had false career expectations upon finishing their studies. The availability of positions and application denials can be disheartening. Quite often graduates end up in a job that is well below their qualifications, become unhappy, and question their competence. So, how does one possibly remain positive when left in […]

How to Bond With Your Interviewer 5

When it comes to landing a job, it is almost a necessity to bond with your interviewer and develop positive rapport with him/her. Sure, it’s possible to get hired even if you’re anti-social – provided you have the right skills under the right circumstances – but it’s more likely that “unlikable” that candidates will find […]

bond with your interviewer

Successful Hiring

9 Secrets of Highly Successful Hiring

We always aim for successful hiring. And when we are hiring, we are growing. That means business is good. It’s easy to let that euphoria go to your head and, in a rush of enthusiasm, hire great people who, nevertheless, could be wrong for the job, or your business. Therefore, we have to be cautious […]