9 Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Interview MistakesSome of the common interview mistakes made in job interviews are also the ones that most hurt your chances of getting hired. You may think you have the knowledge, experience, or the skills to get the job. But it turns out you don’t! You wonder what the reasons are. Well, you may have done one or more of the following 9 common interview mistakes.


According to a survey released by job site CareerBuilder, nearly half (49%) of employers know within the first 5 minutes of an interview whether a job candidate is a good or bad fit for the position, and 87% know within the first 15 minutes.


Below are the common interview mistakes that the 2,201 hiring managers surveyed have ever seen:


9 Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid


1. Appearing disinterested

Managers who’ve seen it: 55%. Some job candidates unintentionally show lack of interest in the job due to overconfidence.


2. Dressing inappropriately

Managers who’ve seen it: 53%. Job candidates may be over-dressed or under-dressed Interview Mistakesfor the interview. This may be due to lack of knowledge of the company’s dress code or job requirements.


3. Appearing arrogant

Managers who’ve seen it: 53%. Again, this could be due to overconfidence. Confidence is essential but do not over do it!


4. Talking negatively about current or previous employers

Managers who’ve seen it: 50%. Employers hate when job candidates talk negatively about current or previous employers. Regardless of your current situation avoid talking negatively about current or previous employers.


5. Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview

Managers who’ve seen it: 49%. No matter how urgent your phone call is, you must be fully dedicated to the interview. Stay focused and show respect.


6. Appearing uninformed about the company or role

Managers who’ve seen it: 39%. This is really one of the common interview mistakes. You must do your homework before going to the interview. Research the company you are applying to. And you need to know exactly what the role is about.


7. Not providing specific examples

Managers who’ve seen it: 33%. Providing specific examples is an indication of your experience and knowledge. Not providing specific examples will put you at a severe disadvantage.


8. Providing too much personal information

Managers who’ve seen it: 20%. At this stage, the interviewer may not be interested in knowing too much personal details about you. Provide only the information that is required and avoid wasting your interviewer’s time with irrelevant details.


9. Asking the hiring manager personal questions

Managers who’ve seen it: 17%. This is straightforward. You need not to ask the hiring manager personal questions that are irrelevant to the company or the role you are applying to.


When you’re on a job interview, everything you do is scrutinized. So understand that you need to be the best version of yourself. That means you should pay careful attention to the smallest details. And look to the interviewer for cues on what they value. So these are the 9 common interview mistakes you should avoid. Do them, and you won’t get the job! What do you think? And suggestions?


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