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I am a university professor, professional trainer, and business consultant in the fields of sales and marketing management with almost twenty years of experience. Currently, I am an assistant professor of marketing at the College of Business Administration at Rafik Hariri University - Lebanon. My areas of expertise are sales management, strategic marketing, branding strategies, digital marketing, consumer psychology, integrated marketing communications, and customer service. Through my website, I strive to share reliable and recent knowledge relevant to my areas of expertise in a simple and applied approach. My objective is to help both individuals and organizations succeed in what they do by equipping them with practical business skills.
Effective Team

5 Prerequisites for Effective Team Performance

I have always asked myself: what are the prerequisites for effective team performance? That is a legitimate and important question to be asked by any manager or any team leader. In my previous post: “12 Characteristics of Effective Teams” here, I have discussed what distinguishes effective teams from non-effective ones. And I want to discuss […]